AA Group - مجموعة اسرار الابداع

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AA Group is considered as an international holding group that deals with several aspects and has several international branches; also AA Group owns multi companies works in a various fields as following: 

Financial Services

Real Estate

Ads & Multimedia

Training & Learning

Consulting Services

Medical Services

Investments & Trading

AA Group considered as holding and the owner of those previous companies and/or with the solidarity with a partners, by taking into consideration that 85% of those companies are totally owned by AA Group.


Within a 100% and the rest are owned by the company's partners. The work field of the company is divided into three sections (the financial management department, project management department, and management administration department).


The functionality of the financial management, and project management departments is working with the project studies and transferring them to independent companies within the AA group. Where they forecast the proper investment opportunities for those companies and then going into making the investment or buying decisions. Also the development research team of the group is dedicated to giving more chances by adding more fields for the Group.