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AA group Real Estate was established to be a real leader in the field of investment and real estate brokerage, which operates in many areas of investment and in several different countries . The group operates in accordance with the strong alliance between the service and performance to reach a prominent place in the market for apartments and commercial . Since the founding of the group in the year 2000 by the founders register set AA internationally and publish its subsidiaries in various countries around the world. The idea of establishing the Real Estate Group in terms of proliferation and diversity of investment and management experience in the group where the need has arisen for the existence of a real estate broker and investor can invest locally and globally according to the basis of clear and transparent.

Mullak international company

Mullak international company (A joint stock Saudi firm) is obliged with supplying The Saudi estate market with all of its needs , besides responding to all the clients’ demands concerning trade funding, which will be beneficial in constructing Residential property for Saudi citizens , in addition to the implementation of investment projects that plays a main role in the development of Architectural progress. Capital of the company (2,000,000,000) Two Billion Saudi Riyals divided into (200,000,000) million shares.

AA Group - مجموعة اسرار الابداع

Tunisian Economic City

Tunisian Economic City «TEC» a global and integrated modern city to be built in phases, located in Alnufeidha district in Tunisia covering 90sq km with ( 18km ) beachfront, to build strong base for Trade, Commerce, Culture, Tourism, and Education ,with all logistical infrastructure, to become the international Centre and hub connecting East and West, North and South for Trade, cultural and educational exchange. This project will contribute in the formation of the overall economic and future development map of Tunisian Republic, and the wider region with a new vision evolving from the region of new nations and the world affected by them.

Big Home Co,

Since the Big Home establishment in 2003, Big Home has been committed to delivering quality and achieved client satisfaction through high levels of professional standards and efficiency. This commitment has helped the Group’s companies evolve into credible leaders in their respective business fields and earned the trust of the business and private banking communities.

AA Group - مجموعة اسرار الابداع

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