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AA Strategy

In dedication to excellence, AA Group had a unique business strategy that could be described as follows: Idea, development, and reality, which could be described simply in the following procedures:


1- Project Study: meaning that our consultants will generate a business idea and study it thoroughly according to market factors. This at the end will be decided by a well constructed and comprehensive feasibility study that will cover almost all the important business points. 

2- The role is transferred to the financial department to allocate the resources required to this new business. A new company is formed for such business which will take over the project and be entirely responsible in front of the board of directors on this new business. This way of conducting business helped AA administration to open and start companies in many fields and sectors. 


3- Once a business idea is submitted, AA Group determines its profit potential and makes a decision to accept or deny it. If an idea is accepted, AA Group becomes the resource umbrella that provides the funding and expertise in areas including, but not limited to; advertising, promotion, marketing, and networking. It is important to know, however, that each major idea is managed by a consortium of separate, independent companies functioning as one unit to make the business idea the most profitable idea possible.


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