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Medical Services

AA Group - مجموعة اسرار الابداع

Source of Therapeutic (SOTCO)

SOTCO is a Saudi limited liability company working in the field of Health Care development and Bio Technology innovations and applications in human life. As a technology and knowledge transfer SOTCO have a major role to coordinate with research centers all over the world to enable their most advanced technology applications and findings to the local markets as well as Pan-Arab countries. SOTCO has an ambitious development plan to maximize the reach for better coverage within its wide range of services .

AA Group - مجموعة اسرار الابداع

Social Medical Solidarity Co,

Social Medical Solidarity Specializes in medical and rehabilitative programs that serve the health sectors, whether at home or abroad. It also works in technical programs and technical equipment for hospitals and medical centers. Social Medical Solidarity seeks to provide what is new and innovative field of medical research, whether or electronic devices and techniques.

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