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Training & Learning

AA Group - مجموعة اسرار الابداع

Arabian Academy

This comprehensive distance learning and training platform aims to achieve clear and unique goals simply by applying the most advanced technologies in web-based training and self-learning techniques. Some of these goals are to provide time-free and location-free training and education tools, and to save time, cost and effort.

AA Group - مجموعة اسرار الابداع

Smart School

Smart School working to achieve leadership in the development of the practices of education in order to build a qualified generation. Also The adaptation of modern technology and methods employed in the service of education. Smart School supports the contribute to raising the quality of the outputs of Education in Saudi Arabia

AA Group - مجموعة اسرار الابداع

PSP Education and Training

The project of Prince Salman of education and training electronic scientific academies offering training and education services remotely through the Internet for all Arabic speakers in the world, offering advanced courses in many areas serve different groups, under the supervision of a group of experts and outstanding professionals in Saudi universities and Arabic, which is a scientific reference discreet anyone wishing to training and learning, especially with regard to development of self.

AA Group - مجموعة اسرار الابداع

Hemaiah Academy

In a new addition of its kind in Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East has been the establishment of the Academy of protection. An educational institution Arabic first of its kind in the region specialized in the field of protection and cybercrime, has a strategic plan to support the immediate needs of government institutions and companies to train and qualify its cadres according to the best foundations of educational and scientific through the use of the best experiences of training and the best tools and methods with the latest Matousel the era in the field of information security and protection in order to improve and enrich the body of knowledge for the students of the academy.

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