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Saudi – US Joint Venture Co

Since the Saudi – US Joint Venture Company, a major step had been taken by launching the UGM Company in Boston. The Saudi part is presented by the AA International Holding Group, which leads the US brokerage company that holds the license of NFA ID number 0338040 and the CFTC regulation. AA Group's chairman of board, Eng. Bander AlWeshagri, mentioned that the company's goal is to attract the GCC and Middle East traders. The United Global Market UGM is working through its specially designed platform, which is complied with the Islamic Regulation "Shari'a" along with compliance with international FX and stock market standard. The company's main business is selling and buying foreign currencies through its platform, which provides direct pricing, charts and reports. The platform is provided on the company's website and it is customized according to the client's use whether being used on a PDA, a laptop, or any other computer. The company is currently preparing to launch "intranbank" to link banks and companies together and open around 20 branches all over the world. This is one of the major issues that the company is looking for.

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